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The Gutters Are Clean!!

Posted by heymoe on June 17th, 2007

Casey and Lindsay offered the use of a pickup truck yesterday to try and bring a ladder home that was tall enough to reach my 2nd floor gutters. After looking over the ladders that were tall enough and the size of the bed of the truck we decided that it was not going to be safe since over half of the ladder would end up sticking out from the back of the truck. I do want to thank Casey and Lindsay for taking the time out of their weekend and for offering the use of the pickup. In any case I remember seeing over at Lowes that you could rent trucks for hauling stuff home so I headed over there today to see what my options were. Sure enough they rented trucks for $19 / 75mins and it was more then long enough to safely stick big ladder in the back. Since I don’t live too far from the Lowes I decided to buy the 28 foot ladder with the idea that I would have enough time with the truck rental to get it home make sure it was tall enough and if not return it for the 32 footer. I hopped the 28 foot would do it since it was 20lbs lighter then the 32 footer which would make it easier for me to maneuver the ladder by myself. Sure enough I got it home and set it up and it was just the right size for me to get up to the 2nd floor gutters. It’s not tall enough to reach the tallest part of my house but I figured the gutters are really the only things I need to reach so I returned the truck to Lowes. Once I got back home I started to clean out the gutters. Sure enough pine straw was cause of the clogs at both ends of the gutter. Now all my gutters and clean but I noticed some rotting wood most likely caused by the over flow of the clogged gutter so I’ll have to take care of that now. It did not look bad so it should not be to big of a job to fix.

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