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Update: Sunflowers 2007

Posted by heymoe on July 4th, 2007

Sunflowers 07-04-2007_0

It has been almost a month since my last sunflower update and a lot has happened since then. Three of the four plants on my deck have grown quite a bit since then. The tallest is now about 9 feet 3 inches tall the next tallest are around 7 feet 8 inches tall. The runt is still shorter then me and not all that healthy looking since it kept drinking up all its water before I could give it more. It also got blown over and broke its pot so I had to replant it into a bigger pot but I think it’s a little late for that. It’s interesting to note that the height of the plant seems to be related to the size of the pot it is in.

Sunflowers 07-04-2007_2
Sunflowers 07-04-2007_8

Any ways, all four of them are starting to form their flower heads now. One would think this is normal since I planted them all at the same time but the two plants I moved to my mailbox are still growing and no signs of any flower heads yet. They are still pretty short compared to the ones on the deck, the tallest being 6 feet 5 inches. I’m wishing I would decide on which camera to get and buy it so I can get some nice close ups / macro shots of the flower heads and the critters that I find on them. Oh well, I only have so much money to spend and I still need to finish up the family room.

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