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Adak Adventure: Day 2

Posted by heymoe on August 7th, 2007

8/6/2007: Day 2
I’m still in Anchorage, AK and this morning we got the go ahead to stay here until Thursday and then head out to Adak. Chris and I spent most of the morning calling different airlines and Orbitz trying to get our flights reworked, calling around for a different hotel since the one we stayed in last night cost something like $500 a night and trying to figure out where our missing bag, which happens to have all the hardware we need to install on Adak, is. Someone at Alaska Airlines seems to think there is a flight out to Adak today which would be great and supposedly our missing bag in on the flight out of O’Hare today arriving in Anchorage at around 2pm.

We went to the airport around 2:15pm to check on our missing bag and after running around between United and Alaska Air for about an hour, our bag appeared. While waiting on the bag, Chris was talking to Orbitz to see about getting on todays flights to Adak just to find out they were wrong as we expected. So we are now officially here in Anchorage until Thursday. After visiting with the local office of the company we are doing work for we headed downtown to take in the sits and to grab some lunch. 4th, 5th and 6th streets downtown seem to be where all the action is. Lots of of tourist type stores, a big mall where we stopped in to make use of the food court, parks and other sites to see. After we walked the strip we got back into our car and headed North to the mountains.

The first place we stopped was Thunderbird Falls. The hike to the actually water fall was about 1 mile down a nicely kept path where to one side was a gorge in which you could fall to your death and the other side more or less just woods and more mud. We both took several pictures of the falls, the gorge and river. I think Chris and I tempted fate a few times by leaving the official path and taking a few risks that could had lead to a nice fall into the gorge in order to take some pictures.

Once we left Thunderbird Falls we continued north with the idea of trying to see Knik Glacier. The map, if you can call it that, we had made it looks like the road we were on would end where the Glacier was but it didn’t. We did find an over look where you could see the Glacier in the distance and we both took some picture from a distance. Heading back south we made a few stops along side of the road and took pictures around Knik River. There was and old two lane bridge that still crossed the river but was closed to traffic that we got on, ignoring the signs that said stay off, and got some great shots. It should be noted that by this time it was around 10pm and there was still plenty of sun light to take pictures.

We did not get back to the hotel, which is no where near as nice as the one we stayed in the previous night, we stopped at a 24 hour McDonalds to grab some late dinner (around 10:45pm now). The hotel we moved is a two bedroom suite with a single bathroom, no AC, none of the TVs work, no Kitchen and Internet access that does not seem to exist unless you are down by the office. It does not cost $500 per night so I guess you get what you paid for. Any ways after the late dinner we went back to the room and settled for the night.

Stay tuned for Day 3.

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