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Adak Adventure: Day 6

Posted by heymoe on August 12th, 2007

8/10/2007: Friday
Today started out a little rough. I overslept a little since I set the alarm to go off at 7:15 PM not AM then I went to take a shower to find out we had no hot water. Boy that was one of the coldest and quickest showers I’ve ever taken. Breakfast wise we were on our own but both Chris and I packed a food with us since food on Adak is really expensive (IE: $8 for a box of cereal). Justin and Terry picked us up and took us to the office where we got started.

We got everything racked, powered and more or less working within a few hours. We had to make some changes on the fly to how the network hooked up due to unknown requirements or requests but nothing that my mad networking and system skills could not take care of. Of course I had help from Raleigh too. I want to thank Jason for putting up with us remotely hehe. Everything was going smoothly until we went to connect the fiber termination gear to the network which will give people access to the Internet from their homes. Did I mention that all the homes on Adak have FTTP (Fiber to the Premises). I wish I could get FTTP to my house in Raleigh. Of course the draw back to having FTTP on Adak is that network speed on island is super fast but the pipe to the Internet is only 1Mb. We must have been on a con-call on and off with the vendor of this hardware for 6 hours before they got it working and to get it to work they had to reboot the device which we should have done 5 hours prior. In any case Chris and I both worked without getting lunch as did Justin and Terry I think so it was nice to get back to the house to make some dinner. The bad thing is that we worked for 13 hours, mostly waiting on the vendor, that by time we finished dinner there was no time to go explorer after dinner. At least we had hot water, hopefully we will have it still in the morning.

Stay tuned for Day 7…

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