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Woot! All Fixed.. Sort of..

Posted by heymoe on September 13th, 2007

My Audi service representative called me yesterday morning to let me know that my car would be ready to pick up after 1pm. She gave me a quick run down on the status of all the service items in which most of my nit-picking items were either “Thats normal” or “Could not reproduce”. She reported that the tech that did the test drive said the wheel bearing noise I reported is actually just worn tires. I’m still skeptical but at this point the only way to prove it is to buy new tires which I need to do any ways.

After being stuck in another more or less useless meeting at work, I made it to the dealer just in time to pick up the car. Even though the water pump service was covered under warranty, the bill for the timing belt service, 60K service and labor not covered by the warranty ended up being a little over $969.91 ($557.29 Parts, $305.00 Labor, $70 Misc and $37.62 Taxes). After looking up the cost of the parts online, it looks the dealer has a 200% mark up on their parts. I could have bought all the parts online for ~$275. I guess next time I’ll plan ahead and bring all the parts for the service with me and just have them install them.

I guess the silver lining is that if I did not have the warranty, this service would have ended up costing me around ~$2,000 or more.

Now for the “Sort of” part. They did not have all the parts to fix a few of the smaller items so I will have to bring the car back to the dealer next Thursday. I should be able to wait for these items to be installed. Then again, I noticed a small puddle of what seems to be coolant under the front passenger side of the car at lunch time and again when I left work. I’m keeping my eye on it but if it continues, it looks like they will have to keep the car longer. If this happens I hope I get a newer A6 loaner.

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