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Movie Database

Posted by heymoe on October 1st, 2007


Well it looks like the software I was using to keep track of my movie collection was sold to another company recently. The new company released a new version of the software and to “help” people upgrade to the new version, they disabled the ability to add new movies using the older version. So I upgraded just to find out that the new company decided to stop offering a free and fully functional version that was banner ads supported and in its place they offered a fully functional version as long as you had 50 movies or less in your catalog. Being that I now have over 400 movies, the software has become useless to me now.

After searching for a replacement I found: Ant Movie Catalog. It currently does not allow the use of a bar-code scanner to add movies but it is free and seems to have a large community developing add-ons and what not for it. The best part is that it is able to import all my existing movies from my old software. Another nice feature is that it can export the data into many different formats including SQL.

So using the Ant Movie Catalog software + SQL export + an interactive web interface = My Movies. Click on it and check it out. I’m still fine tuning the DB and the page some but it is functional. Enjoy.

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