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Space Shuttle, Top Gear Style

Posted by heymoe on October 8th, 2007

Those crazy guys at Top Gear decided to create a reusable space craft out of a Reliant Robin, a small three wheeled car and it actually took off. If you just want to see the launch, click HERE


In the February 18, 2007 episode of Top Gear, a Reliant Robin was used by Richard Hammond and James May in an attempt to modify a normal K-reg Robin into a reusable space shuttle.[1] Steve Holland, a professional radio-controlled aircraft pilot, helped Hammond to work out how to land a Robin safely. The craft achieved a successful launch, flew for several seconds into the air and managed to successfully jettison the solid fuel rocket boosters on time. This was the largest rocket launched by a non-government organisation in Europe. It used 6 x 40960 NS O hybrid rocket motors giving a maximum thrust of 8 metric tons. However the car failed to separate from the large external fuel tank due to a faulty alignment between the Robin and the external tank (10 thousandths of an inch out) and the Robin subsequently crashed and ‘seemed’ to explode into the ground soon after.

From the Wikipedia article.

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