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Korean Cultural Night

Posted by heymoe on December 1st, 2007

Korean Cultural Night-1932
Korean Cultural Night-1968
Korean Cultural Night-1972

I found out there was a Korean Cultural Night being held at Korean Baptist Church up the road from my place so I decided to check it out since I survived my trip to Pullen Park earlier in the day. When I was walking up the walkway to the main building I saw a lady dressed in a traditional Korean outfit and from a distance I almost thought it was my mom (freaky). I was a little late so I not sure what I missed but when I got into the main building there was a lady up on the stage singing what sounded like opera in Korean. There were several examples of traditional Korean dances which were enjoyable to watch but the lighting was really bad so it was very difficult for me to take any pictures without any blurring. I don’t even think a fast lens would have helped me here. Next up was a Tae Kwon-Do demonstration which included board breaking and synchronized executions of different patterns / forms to music. I did find it funny that they used “It’s Raining Men” during one of these synchronized demonstrations. The part I enjoyed the most was the Korean Drumming or Poongmul using the Samul Nori style (meaning: four instruments) which consisted of two types of drums and two type of gongs. At the end of the event there was a lot of mingling and snacks in the form of several type of Tteok (Korean rice cake). I had a good time and was nice to learn more about my Korean half.

More Photos Here

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