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Lazy Mom

Posted by heymoe on 29th May 2007

I came across this image today. I’m pretty sure this is not a good idea. I’ve never taken a SegWay for a spin but I have my doubts that this mom would be able to react fast enough to move their child out of harms ways without losing control of the SegWay and / or the stroller.

Lazy Mom

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Upgrade: Success!

Posted by heymoe on 16th May 2007

CG has been upgraded to WordPress v2.2 and WPG2 v2.1.2 and everything looks like it is still working. Yeah!

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Bug Free?

Posted by heymoe on 11th May 2007

Yeah! it looks like I got most of the bugs worked out of the WP + G2 + WPG2 setup. Now I just need to start adding more stuff from my mind to these pages as well as more pictures. I think I might change the title of my blog but for now “The Mind of Moe” will stay.

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