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Beware of Dinosaurs

Posted by heymoe on 6th August 2007

While stuck in the O’Hare airport waiting to catch the next available flight to Anchorage, AK there was a skeleton of a Brachiosaurus in Terminal B. It was something I did not expect to see in an airport.

O'Hare's Brachiosaurus

This skeleton was on display at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois before it was moved to O’Hare in 1999 because the museum needed the space for Sue, the world’s largest and most complete T. rex.

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The Great Adak Adventure

Posted by heymoe on 6th August 2007

8/5/2007: Day 1
Greetings from Anchorage Alaska! Work has sent me on another travel adventure. This time to Adak Island Alaska. In theory I should have said “Greetings from Adak…” but due to bad weather my flight from Raleigh to O’Hare got delayed and I missed my connection that would have gotten me to Anchorage around 2pm giving me plenty of time to make my connection to Adak at 4:50pm. I had to take a later flight out of O’Hare and arrived in Anchorage at 7:20pm. There are only two flights a week to and from Adak Island, one on Sunday and one on Thursday. My coworker and I will find out what the new game plan is tomorrow. I think it would be a waste of a trip to fly back to Raleigh to just have to fly back out here again. I’m pretty sure we’ll just stay in Anchorage until Thursday and head to Adak to do the work we came out here to do and then head back to Raleigh next Sunday.

Anchorage is pretty nice so far. The weather has been overcast today with a temperature around 62F. Its currently 11:30pm but it looks more like 8pm outside. You can still see sun light which is a weird experience. Since I now have a nice new camera, I’ll be taking bunch of picture that will be posted when I get back home.

Stay tuned for more updates about my adventure.

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Guam: The Amazing Race

Posted by heymoe on 11th May 2007

For all you Amazing Race fans: The second to last episode of the All Star season had the racers on the Island of Guam. It was really neat to see some of the places I’ve been to when I was on Guam in the show like the Dive shop where the blonds stopped at to get directions as well at the fort where the pit stop was. I’ll have to get the rest of my picture from my 2000 and 2005 Guam trip online.

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