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New Feature: PicLens

Posted by heymoe on February 14th, 2008

Recently I came across a new web browser plug-in called PicLens which provides a full-screen, 3D image viewing experience on the Internet. It is supported by a number of Photo, Social Networking and Image Search sites such as Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Smugmug, FaceBook, MySpace and Google Images just to name a few. Of course I did not want to be left out so after digging around and modifying some code I came across on a Gallery2 forum, I was able to add PicLens support to my Photo Gallery.

To enjoy the full 3D PicLens experience you’ll need to install the browser plug-in which currently supports Firefox, IE and Safari (Note: The Safari plug-in currently does not support the 3D Wall feature). For those of you that don’t run a supported browser or refuse to install the plug-in, you can still enjoy most of the PicLens features via a flash based viewer called PicLens Lite.


All you need to do is click on this icon PicLens Button while viewing the different photo albums in my gallery or a link in a blog post, like the picture of the float plane on the left, to launch the PicLens plug-in or the PicLens Lite viewer. If you have the plug-in installed you can also use the play button icon that appears when you hover over the thumbnail images in the gallery. You’ll also need to allow javascript else the icons or the links won’t activate PicLens. As a note, you can only view images in a single album and if the album does not contain any photos, you will not see any images even though the icon is still displayed. If an album contains sub-albums, you’ll only see the photos in the album you selected and not the sub-albums. I’m still reading on on the Gallery2 API so hopefully I’ll be able to figure out a way to only show the icon if the album contains photos.


The above video shows you what the PicLens plug-in does for your image viewing experience. Go to the PicLens web site to download and install the plug-in. Do it NOW! 😛

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Screen Cleaner

Posted by heymoe on February 12th, 2008

I found a really cool way to clean your screen. Click HERE to see how it works.

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Done: Family Room Arch

Posted by heymoe on February 10th, 2008

I finally got around to ordering and installing the arch kit of my family room entry. I ended up ordering the Insta Arch product and over all the install process was pretty simple. I’m sure I would have been done a lot sooner if I was better was doing drywall work. I would not go through so many apply mud, wait for it to dry, sand, repeat cycles. In any case with the exception of a few very minor fill ins and of course paint, the arch is installed. I took pictures during the different phases of the install so check them out HERE if you want to see the process. The pictures are labeled “Family Room – Entryway – Arch Install”.

Family Room - Entryway Before_0
Family Room - Entryway - Arch Install-2100

Yeah! one less item on my family room remodel check-list.

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Frozen: Flash Mob

Posted by heymoe on February 5th, 2008


A group of 200+ people from Improve Everywhere formed a flash mob and descended upon Grand Central Station and all froze at the same time. 5 minutes later they all unfroze at the same time and continued on with their business as if nothing happened. The video is very impressive to watch and neat to see how other people reacted to what was going on around them in the station.

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Site Upgrade: WordPress v2.3.3

Posted by heymoe on February 5th, 2008

It looks like there is a security issue in WordPress v2.3.2 that could allow unauthorized updates of posts. Well, we can’t have that now can we. CG is now running WordPress v2.3.3. Woot!

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Super Bowl XLII

Posted by heymoe on February 4th, 2008

I’m not a football expert and I mainly watch the Super Bowl for the commercials but it would seem to me that the inability of the Patriots’ defense to fend of the blitz plays by the Giants prevented the Patriots from winning and going 19-0. Or at least it played a big part of them loosing. Oh well.

For the most part, I was disappointed with the commercials this year. Here is the list of the ones I did enjoy and why or just view them all here or here:

Audi – Godfather: 1st Quarter
I liked this one not only for the Godfather spoof but also because I own an Audi and the R8 is just so HOT! gimmie!

Diet Pepsi – What Is Love: 1st Quarter
I mainly liked how this one started by looking like it was part of the game and ending with the “Stop It!”

Bridgestone – Squirrel: 1st Quarter
It was cute to see how the different animals screamed and for spoofing the Bud Light commercials of years past.

Doritos – Mouse Trap: 2nd Quarter
The way this one ended was unexpected in a good way and just made me laugh

Pepsi – Justin Timberlake: 2nd Quarter
A mailbox post to the crotch is a sure fire way to get a laugh.

Coca-Cola – Balloons: 3rd Quarter
Stewie vs. Underdog, what’s not to like.

Vitamin Water – Horse Race: 3rd Quarter
Just seeing Shaq as a jockey was enough to make me laugh.

Bridgestone – Headlights: 3rd Quarter
At first I thought it was going to be the typical car headlight commercial but then they threw in Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons for laughs.

Well I guess overall this Super Bowl was nothing special for me. I’m sure I could have spent 3+ hours doing something else maybe even something productive. I did enjoy the episode of House that aired after the game.

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Amazing Race 12

Posted by heymoe on January 27th, 2008

Well, I finally got around to watching the final episode of The Amazing Race 12, which aired last Sunday, and I’m happy to report that the team I was cheering for won. Out of all the teams this round I feel they deserved to win and they did so without all the drama and bickering that most of the other teams had each episode. The final leg of the race took place in Anchorage Alaska so it was really cool to see some of the places I visited when I was up there last summer.

Any ways, out of all the reality shows that are out there, The Amazing Race is the one I would want to be on the most next to The Rebel Billionaire if they ever produce another season of that.

In case you have not watched the final episode yet I’ve listed the winners below but you will only see them if you click to read the rest of this post.

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Update: My Movies

Posted by heymoe on January 23rd, 2008

The following movies have been added to my movie collection:

Wedding DazeGood Luck Chuck

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Future of the Wii

Posted by heymoe on January 23rd, 2008

My co-worker, Jason, sent me this link to Johnny Chung Lee’s Wii Projects web page where he has come up with some other uses for the Wiimote. The below video shows how to use the Wiimote to track head movement which is really cool. I don’t see any reason why Nintendo or any other video game developer could not create a game for the Wii using this type of interface. It would really bring the game experience to a whole new level I think.


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Snow, Snow, Snow!

Posted by heymoe on January 19th, 2008

I’m hoping for 3 or more inches of snow in Raleigh myself.

Update: 1/19/2008 @ 2:40pm

Yeah! the first signs of snow just started. It looks like the cold air mass took a little longer getting here then they forecasted last night but it’s finally here. Now it just has to start sticking.

Update: 1/19/2008 @ 8:00pm

What a tease. The snow did start sticking but only to the grass and other plant life. Nothing stuck to the roads, driveways, sidewalks, etc.. but I’m sure there will be black-ice everywhere in the morning. It looks like the 1-3 inches forecasted turned out to be a joke. I really wanted to take my car out and finally test the Quattro All-Wheel-Drive System out in the snow. Oh well, at least it snowed and it was more snow then we have seen in a while. Hopefully none of the snow on my property will be disturbed when I get up tomorrow so I can take some pictures of the house and the snow.

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