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It’s a Boy!

Posted by heymoe on 10th November 2008

The McAleer Family

Awwww, Isn’t he cute!

Congratulations go out to Justin and Kelly McAleer on the arrival of Liam David McAleer who was born on Friday November 7th at 8:23pm Eastern or as Justin put it: when Liam’s reign of terror began. Justin shouldn’t have any problem remembering this birthday since Liam and Kelly now share it. Funny how that worked out or was it just part of Justin’s master plan 🙂 hehe..

It looks like Justin is actually going to have to start making use of their website. I’m sure there are a lot of family and friends wanting to see how Liam’s reign of terror over Justin and Kelly is going.

Any ways, rest up Justin and Kelly, you’re both going to need it.

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CG Turns One

Posted by heymoe on 10th May 2008

Birthday Cake

Cerebral Gibberish (CG) turns 1 today and where has the time gone. It does not seem like it has been a year since my first post about the start of my Sunflower Project for 2007. Hummm, this reminds me, I need to start planting the sunflowers for this year since I harvested a crap load of seeds last year. Any ways, this will make the 149th post to CG with more to come. I’m not sure where the next year will take me but you’ll find out when I post about it. C’yas.

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Sick Again

Posted by heymoe on 24th February 2008

Well I’m sick again for another birthday and I blame Justin 😛 hehe. I was feeling fine Friday but woke up Saturday not quite feeling right and ended the day with a sore throat, slight headache and a chill. Woke up today more or less the same but hopefully it will get better as the day goes on so my birthday is not a total washout. Oh well, life goes on.

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Birthday Pictures

Posted by heymoe on 28th August 2007


I’ve uploaded the pictures I took at Justin’s 30th Birthday Party. Enjoy!

more pictures

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Justin’s 30th Birthday

Posted by heymoe on 26th August 2007

The party was yesterday but his birthday is today. Happy Birthday old man.. 😛

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