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Fun With HP Printers

Posted by heymoe on 19th October 2007


A friend of mine sent me a link last night to a small perl script that allows you to change the “Ready” message on HP Printers to a custom message of your choosing. Of course I had to try it when I got to work today so right now the two black and white printers in my office say “411 Y0ur B453 R B310n6 T0 U5” [info] or “Insufficient Funds Insert Coins” and our color printer, which has a 4 line display, now reports the local weather, updated every hour.

If you want to have some fun as well, check out the article [Click Here]. It should be noted that it is simple to restore the “Ready” message, all you need to do is power cycle the printer. Enjoy!

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What’s Missing…

Posted by heymoe on 4th October 2007

Can you spot what’s wrong / missing in this picture?

What's Missing?

Either Playboy has gone overboard using Photoshop to touch up their photos or the clones are coming.

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More Movie Fun…

Posted by heymoe on 31st August 2007

Getting Lucky At The Movies
Getting lucky at the movies.

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Lets Go To The Movies…

Posted by heymoe on 30th August 2007

For a bigger version click HERE and then click on “Lets Go To The Movies”.

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Bike 4 Sale

Posted by heymoe on 23rd July 2007

Read the whole thing…

Bike 4 Sale

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Beware of Pirates

Posted by heymoe on 12th June 2007

Dang Pirates

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Modern Management…

Posted by heymoe on 11th June 2007

Modern Management

… So True.

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Lazy Mom

Posted by heymoe on 29th May 2007

I came across this image today. I’m pretty sure this is not a good idea. I’ve never taken a SegWay for a spin but I have my doubts that this mom would be able to react fast enough to move their child out of harms ways without losing control of the SegWay and / or the stroller.

Lazy Mom

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MMMmmm.. PI

Posted by heymoe on 25th May 2007

A friend of mine from Charlotte sent me this picture this morning. MMMmmm. PI
Makes me hungry just looking at it.. hehe

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