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I Voted!

Posted by heymoe on 27th October 2008

I Voted

Well over the weekend I received a letter from the Board of Elections which I was assuming was my voter card but as it turned out it was them telling me that I did not complete the application and directions on what I needed to do so I could still vote in this election.

The Board of Elections was kind enough to highlight the one YES or NO question that I did not answer and placed a sticker on the application that stated that if I answered NO to any of the YES or NO questions that I would not be able to vote.

Now I most likely wouldn’t have spent the time to write about this except the question that I left blank couldn’t be answered with a YES or NO. If I answered NO then I can’t vote in the election and if I answered YES, I would be agreeing to something on an official government document that does not apply to me.

So what was the question? The questions was: “If I have been convicted of a felony, my rights of citizenship have been restored.” . Well, I’ve never been convicted of a felony so answering YES isn’t the right answer and answering NO would mean I can’t vote, so I left it blank.

In any case, one of the other pieces of paper I received said I could go to one of the early voting locations to resolve my “issue” quickly instead of relying on the US Postal System which may delay the processing of my application until after Election Day.

So today I headed down to one of the early voting locations where I had to fill out another application, which didn’t have the YES and NO question I left blank on my previous application, then got in line to vote. Pretty much a painless process from start to finish.

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More Grownup Now

Posted by heymoe on 6th October 2008

Me? More of a grownup? Say it ain’t so. It can’t be. What is this world coming to. 🙂

Well it’s true. Today I registered to vote in the county that I’ve lived in now for the last 8+ years. So now I can vote in the up coming election with the hopes that whoever ends up getting elected doesn’t screw things up even more then they are now and actually turns this country around and heading in the right direction. I’m personally still support the idea of rebooting the government and starting over from scratch more or less. It’s like having to re-install Windows every year because over time Windows get slower and unstable due to all the crap the gets installed over time so a fresh install makes everything better.

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