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Sleep.. Who needs it.

Posted by heymoe on 26th August 2007

Well I think I do but I have been having problem falling asleep and then staying asleep until my alarm goes off. I seem to wake up 1-2 hours before the alarm goes off. My sleep schedule has been out of whack since I got back from Alaska but its not all jet-lag. I’ve had to get up early or stay up late two days a week for the last few weeks for works related tasks. So I can’t get my back into a normal cycle since it keeps changing.

Today, in order to help keep me asleep, I bought some roman curtains for my bedroom. The idea is to keep it dark in the bedroom by keeping the morning light out thus I won’t wake up due to the sun light. Well see how it works in the morning.

Humm.. It’s hard to say if the new curtains worked or not this morning since I woke up around 5am and the sun was not out yet. It’s still taking me a while to fall asleep. In any case, if I made and progress in getting back onto a normal sleep cycle I’m going to screw it up again since I have to do morning maintenance tomorrow morning (5am) and stay up until 2am or so Wednesday morning for a conversion. Sigh 🙁

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