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Posted by heymoe on 2nd August 2008

As a follow-up to my last post, it’s time to get your rap on and learn about the LHC.

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CERN Rap from Will Barras on Vimeo.

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Free DivX Pro

Posted by heymoe on 16th December 2007

DivX is a video codex that is widely used to encode many of the videos you might encounter on the Internet and for a short time you can get a free license / serial number for DivX Pro direct from the makers as a holiday gift. Click here for the windows version and here for the MAC version. Enjoy!

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Lets Go To The Movies…

Posted by heymoe on 30th August 2007

For a bigger version click HERE and then click on “Lets Go To The Movies”.

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Public Service Announcement

Posted by heymoe on 19th June 2007

Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on Spider Webs

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