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Sunflower Transplant: Part 1

Posted by heymoe on May 13th, 2007

Sunflowers 05-13-2007_1

Well I transplanted three of the plants out of the big pot late yesterday. I moved one into its own pot and the other two I plated behind my mailbox. I still need to move the two smaller plants from the main pot but will wait for them to get a little bigger. Hopefully they will start growing a little fast now that they don’t have to compete for the sun light as much as before.

Sunflowers 05-13-2007_5

The one I moved to it own pot looks like it is doing well after almost 24 hours in its new home. I removed the two support sticks after I took the picture. Hopefully It will be able to stand up straight on it own now.

Sunflowers 05-13-2007_9
Sunflowers 05-13-2007_8

Sadly, the two I move to my mailbox are not looking all that happy right now. One does look better then the other but they both are not as happy as they were before the transplant. I’ve added some support sticks to both of them to keep them upright and off the ground. Hopefully one or both of them will pull though. If not I guess I know where the other two plants I still need to transplant will be going. I really want to have some big sunflowers next to the mailbox. More Pictures

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