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Update: Sunflowers 2007

Posted by heymoe on May 28th, 2007

Sunflowers 05-28-2007_0
Sunflowers 05-28-2007_1
Sunflowers 05-28-2007_3

Here are some updated pictures of my sunflower plants on this Hot and Sunny Memorial Day. As you can see the four plants that are in pots on my deck are doing well. Even though I planted all of the seeds at the same time, they are not all growing at the same rate. The tallest one stands at around 2 feet 8 inches right now while the smallest one is about 1 foot 2 inches.The leaves on the tallest plant are bigger then my hands as you can see. I kind of wish the front of my house got more direct light in the day so I could move some of the potted plants along the steps to my front door. Oh well, I wonder what my neighbors would do if I planted a whole row of them outlining my front yard and driveway.. hehe. The plants that are next to my mailbox are coming long just fine. They are between 1 foot 8 incudes and 2 feet. Overall the projects is working out great. It’s amazing how quickly they are growing but they still have a long way to go to reach their full height of 12 feet or so.

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