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Bad Work Day…

Posted by heymoe on September 10th, 2007

Well going into work today I knew that one of my co-worker’s father pass away after a long fighting with cancer but as he reported: “We consider it a blessing that he is no longer in pain and suffering.”. Another guy at the office had battery acid leak all over the inside of this new car and was going to take care of that Monday morning. I, of course, had my own car issues to take care of this morning but we are just starting.

More bad news came about shortly after I got to work. One of my co-workers passed away in a house fire sometime this past weekend. From the information we have been told my co-worker re-entered the burning home with her boyfriend to rescue the boyfriend’s son after they were able to get my co-worker’s daughters out. My co-worker, the boyfriend and the boyfriend’s son did not make it out. My deepest sympathy goes out to their family and loved ones after such a tragic event.

This of course made for a very somber work environment today.

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