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Beating Drums

Posted by heymoe on November 11th, 2007

Triangle Taiko - 11-11-2007-1820

I was not planning on doing much today outside of the house but on the spur of the moment I headed down town to the NC Museum of History to listen to the Triangle Taiko in concert. I’ve seen / heard them perform at Animazement but only in passing. Not knowing what parking was going to be like downtown, since I tend not to go there, I decided to take the motorcycle since it easy to squeeze it between spaces. It was a chilly ride and of course I had to deal with the mine field of drivers doing everything they can but pay attention to the road. Any ways, I got to the concert a little late but still got to enjoy it.

Triangle Taiko - 11-11-2007-1813

This was also my first experience at shooting indoor photos in a darkly lit room with my Nikon D80. This was yet another reminder that I need to buy some more glass. It would have been nice to have had a faster lens which would allowed for a faster shutter speed in this type of environment. Yes, I have a flash but I did not want to be “that guy” plus, being that I was seated towards the back of the room, the flash would have done no good at that distance. That did not seem to stop the guy at the very back of the room with his camera on a tripod that kept taking photos with the built in flash. It made me giggle. I think overall my pictures came out OK for what I had to work with plus a little post-processing work helped out a lot to. All in all I had a good time and really enjoyed the drumming.

More Photos Here

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