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Santa Is On The Move

Posted by heymoe on December 24th, 2007

The NORAD Santa Tracker is up and running and as of this writing Santa is currently in Berlin, Germany. Several satellite videos of Santa have been captured and more to be added as he makes his way around the world. Below is the First Sitting video for this year.


I especially enjoyed seeing his visit the the International Space Station. Well I hope everyone was good this year so Santa won’t give you a lump of coal and I guess if you were bad this year, you can track him and try and mug him when he passes through your area.

For us in North Carolina, we don’t have to worry about the Santa getting arrested for bring Reindeer into the area since Gov. Easley lifted the Reindeer ban until Christmas morning. Easley also made a request to the FAA to provide Santa the proper clearance and aircraft separation on this trip through the state.

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