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Vindication: Toaster Oven

Posted by heymoe on December 24th, 2007

Cuisinart: TOB-175BCSome of you may know I have the tendency to do a lot of research when I’m in the market to buy something, especially if it’s not a limited use item, be it my car, my TV, my camera and even my toaster oven. Due to this I tend to get a lot of flack from my friends for doing all this research or for spending a “little” more for what I got instead of something cheaper. In any case I bought my Cuisinart TOB-175BC Toaster Oven almost five year ago and spent around two weeks researching before I pulled the trigger and bought one. Today while watching the 5pm news, they had a consumer report on toaster ovens and Boo Yah! the Cuisinart TOB-175BC is the top rated unit that excels at baking and makes very good toast even after almost five years. As for my experience with the Cuisinart TOB-175BC, I must say it’s a very versatile machine. I’ve cooked and baked a lot of different items in it and it’s so nice not having to heat up the big oven just to cook / warm up something small or just a few items. Now go and buy one for yourself 😛 hehe.

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