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LEGO-palooza 6

Posted by heymoe on March 15th, 2010


Yay! Not only is this the first post of the year it’s the first official post in about 8 months. I still have a backlog of stuff I will eventually find time to post but I figured it would be best to post about recent events first then feed the older stuff in later.

Any ways, this past weekend I went to LEGO-palooza 6 at Morehead Planetarium to checkout all the creations by the members of NCLUG (North Carolina LEGO User Group).


Getting to Morehead Planetarium was an adventure in of itself since I don’t visit Chapel Hill all that often. Finding the place was easy enough thanks to my GPS but finding a packing space was a whole other story but I did eventually find a parking deck within walking distance. Once there I think I wondered into / past just about every possible entrance into the building except for the one that took you to LEGO-palooza 6. I will admit that there were signs pointing people in the right direction but it wasn’t until after multiple failures at picking the right door that I ended up asking for directions at which time I saw the signs. Also I wasn’t the only person having problems finding the right door since I heard other people in the wrong lines I were in talking about going to see the LEGO structures.


Entering the building via the correct door this time, the first thing you sew was a huge LEGO skyscraper in the stairwell leading to the second floor where the rest of the displays were located. The skyscraper was just about 2 stories tall and you circled it as you walked up the stairs. Entering the main room for the event you were greeted by a large ocean battle scene with armadas of ships in in battle with each other as well and with creatures of the deep. At one end of the display was a coastal fortress with troops at the ready to defend their fort from the pirates.


The rest of the room seemed to be divided into different genres for the most part. You had science fiction / fantasy on one end, more modern times on the other, wild west and navel / pirates in the center, medieval / castles along the back wall, etc… Some of the displays were made up of standard kits you could buy at a LEGO Store while others were custom creations or a mixture of both. All of the displays had some sort of story to tell and if you looked hard enough there were even some Easter Eggs for the adults to enjoy such as in the western display that had a saloon / brothel in it with LEGO cowboys handing over cash to LEGO “cowgirls”.


Some of the displays that I really liked the most were the Star Wars: Battle on Hoth, the LEGO Transformers that actually transformed, the finer details of the large cityscapes and the medieval castle with landscape and no I’m not just including the castle because I know who built it. I found the multi-layer design of the castle to be unique and that each layer, which represented different areas of the castle such as stables, dungeon, dining hall, etc…, in of itself had it’s own story to tell and were very detailed.

Well, that’s all for now.. Enjoy the pictures!

More Photos Here (PicLens PicLens Button)


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