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More Grownup Now

Posted by heymoe on 6th October 2008

Me? More of a grownup? Say it ain’t so. It can’t be. What is this world coming to. 🙂

Well it’s true. Today I registered to vote in the county that I’ve lived in now for the last 8+ years. So now I can vote in the up coming election with the hopes that whoever ends up getting elected doesn’t screw things up even more then they are now and actually turns this country around and heading in the right direction. I’m personally still support the idea of rebooting the government and starting over from scratch more or less. It’s like having to re-install Windows every year because over time Windows get slower and unstable due to all the crap the gets installed over time so a fresh install makes everything better.

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Geek Pr0n: LHC Pictures

Posted by heymoe on 2nd August 2008

LHC = Death Star?

Bex sent me a link to an article posted on boston.com about the LHC or Large Hadron Collider which is being built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Once operations, thousands of scientists from around the world will have access to the LHC for research. One of the most spoken about research goals for the LHC is the hopes of observing the elusive Higgs Boson which would provide evidence for the Higgs Mechanism which explains how particles gain mass in the Standard Model.

Any ways, click HERE for the pictures (Geek Pr0n). This site has some more information about the LHC as well as a countdown timer until it is activated and this site has even more information including the cool down status.

Personally, after looking at the pictures I think all this information about how the LHC is to be used for research and what not is just a clever cover story. In reality CERN is converting the Earth into the Death Star and the LHC is the big gun 🙂 hehe..

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Skydiving: I’m Alive!

Posted by heymoe on 14th July 2008

1st Skydive-5449

Almost 3 months after our first attempt, Casey and I successfully jumped from a perfectly good airplane and landed safely.

1st Skydive-5340

This time around the weather was great other then it being hot (in the 90s). We also had a larger cheering section in the form of Casey and Lindsay’s parents, Casey’s sister, aunt and uncle. My attempts to talk our other friends, who shall be unnamed (you know who you are 🙂 hehe), to come out and watch failed.

1st Skydive-5424

Our jump was scheduled for 12pm (noon) but we did not actually get into the air until about 1:10pm. As a refresher, both Casey and I went through the level 1 tandem jump class again and about 10 minutes later we were called into the prep room to get geared up. 20 minutes after that it was time to board the plane, a CASA 212 Aviocar.

1st Skydive-5396

Casey and I along with our tandem jump masters (Dave was mine, I’m not sure who Casey’s was) were the first to board the plane since we are going to be the last to leave the plane. The plane was packed with other jumper and everyone was in good spirits and excited. At around 6000 feet, our jump masters started to double check our harnesses and connecting us to their harness / parachute. Casey actually had to get up and sit in his jump master’s lap due to the tight quarters. As we climbed in altitude, the temperature was going down and made me wish it felt that good on the ground.

1st Skydive-5430

Once we were at altitude and over the drop zone the pilot turned on the green light and the other jumpers started to exit the plane. When it was our turn we made our way to the rear of the plane which was awkward due to Dave being shorter then me. I kept reaching out with my right hand to help keep my balance but Dave kept making me put my arm down for some reason. I was able to hold onto the static line cable with my left hand which I guess was OK. Casey, his jump master and his videographer were the first to leave the plane and then Dave and I moved into position. Once in position I once again reached up for a handle on the ceiling to balance myself but had my hand swatted again but I think I know why that time. Looking down at the ground below seemed unrear and before I knew it my arms were crossed and my head was back as we exited the plane doing a back-flip, or at least I think it was a back flip.

1st Skydive-5439

During the free-fall I don’t really remember to much visually, most likely due to the adrenaline rush and concentrating what we were told to do in class. The lack of any visual reference that we are used to on the ground (IE: driving by stationary objects in a car) seemed to cancel out the fact that we were falling at 120MPH. The only real sign of speed was the sound of the wind going by which was quite loud. I remember making sure I had my body arched and arms crossed as instructed until Dave tapped me on my shoulder letting me know it was time to un-cross my arms and hold them in front of me. We performed some left and right turns but I don’t know how many degrees we turned. After that I got tapped on the shoulders again letting me know it was time to re-cross my arms and prepare for the parachute deployment.

1st Skydive-5440
1st Skydive-5433

Once the parachute deployed everything went silent and things started to slow down to a more relaxed pace. Dave did the post deployment checks and loosened up the straps on my harness some to try and make things a little more comfortable. He then handed me the parachute controls and we did a practice landing flare and then did some left and right turns. We also did a double turn to demonstrate how the turns get faster the longer you hold it. Dave pointed out where the landing site was and we even saw Casey in the distance below us and the jump plane coming in for a landing. At this point my arms started to get numb so Dave said to put my arms down. I think there was a strap or two still too tight and and was cutting off circulation, oh well.. it happens. Any ways, as we got closer to the ground I could see the cheering squad waving and taking pictures. Our butt first landing was uneventful and it was nice get disconnected and having the blood flowing again.

1st Skydive-5442
1st Skydive-5441
1st Skydive-5443

After that Casey and I posed for some pictures with our jump masters and then walked back to the cheering squad and posed for even more pictures. We got out of our jump gear and got our logbooks filled out and signed as well as our first jump certificate. We all then headed out to grab some late lunch.

Now the question is should I go for the certification or is one jump enough for me? The experience was great but I kind of wish I remember I remember more of the free fall portion and for that I think more jumps will be required. In theory I could do the level 2 jump and not have to worry about maintaining currency from a training point of view. After level 2 you’ll have to schedule you jumps so that you don’t exceed 30 days or more between. If you do you’ll end of spending more money in the long term since you will most likely have to repeat previous levels before you’re allowed to move on to the next. Hopefully Casey will be interest in getting certified so we and do it together, if not I’ll most likely do it any ways. I highly recommend everyone jump at least once.

Note: Casey is under the white, yellow and blue parachute and I’m under the black and blue one. I also want to thank Casey’s uncle Dayle for taking the pictures of Casey and I making our way back down to Terra Firma.

: ::Update:: :
Lindsay has posted some pictures of Casey’s jump and posted an entry on their blog.

More Photos Here (PicLens PicLens Button)

1st Skydive-5423
1st Skydive-5446
1st Skydive-Casey
1st Skydive-Me

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Gas: Pain at the Pump

Posted by heymoe on 2nd June 2008

Gas Pump

The other day I, for the first time ever, paid over $4/gal to fill-up my car. The total cost of that fill-up was $71.15. It does not seem like it was that long ago that a fill-up was costing me under $50. Ahhh yes.. those were the days.. hehe.. I guess when I have kids I’ll be able to tell stories about how when I was their age gas cost around $1/gal and they will look at me and disbelief and call BS.

By the way, based on the owners manual, my car requires premium gas. I know a lot of people will say just use regular but I’m under the mindset that the maker of my car, who designed the engine, knows what octane the engine needs to run efficiently. I personally see the ~$3 extra I pay to fill-up with premium worth the peace of mind and that most people probably don’t really spend the time to calculate how much extra they would actually pay by using premium if their car needs it. Yeah, I know $3 adds up over time but frankly, like I said above, it’s a peace of mind thing for me and most people would just waste the $3 by buying a bottle of water or something else wasteful.

Any ways, I can’t say that I’m mad about the price of gas. Don’t get me wrong, it does suck but at the same time other places in the world, like in the UK, have been paying > $8/gal for a long time (It should be noted that ~70% of that is tax). I can only imagine what goes through their minds when they here about the bitching and moaning that us Americans are doing about the price of gas.

So far, I haven’t had too make to many changes to my driving habits. It’s not like I really drove around a lot in the first place. My round trip commute to work is only about 20 miles and if I have to go to a store I typically hit one of the many choices between home and work that does not add much to my trip. On the weekends I do try to plan trips so that I hit all the stores in a logical order to limit any back tracking. I’m also trying to ride my motorcycles to work more often since they tend to get gas mileage in the upper 30s to 40s. But with the recent 95+ (F) temperatures, the lack of AC on the motorcycle can make being stopped at light uncomfortable.

I guess the only thing to make things worse is that the prices don’t seem to be leveling off or going down. I believe the price of regular has gone up another .10 cents since I filled up making the price of regular $4/gal or very close to it. It will be a sad day when I have to pay three digits for gas which would mean gas would cost about $5.70/gal.. YEAH!

There has been one good thing to come out of the rising cost of gas so far. It has caused the demand for SUVs and Trucks to go way down to the point that the major vehicle manufacturers have stated they will scale back their SUV and Truck production. This is not to say that their production will stop completely. There is still a need for these types of vehicles when it comes to things like construction but a majority of their sales were to people that have no real reason to own one in the first place. Most people bought one as a status symbol or to compensate for something else. Some people will even say they are safer to drive but I think it really made the roads more dangers for everyone else. So score one for the higher gas prices!

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CG Turns One

Posted by heymoe on 10th May 2008

Birthday Cake

Cerebral Gibberish (CG) turns 1 today and where has the time gone. It does not seem like it has been a year since my first post about the start of my Sunflower Project for 2007. Hummm, this reminds me, I need to start planting the sunflowers for this year since I harvested a crap load of seeds last year. Any ways, this will make the 149th post to CG with more to come. I’m not sure where the next year will take me but you’ll find out when I post about it. C’yas.

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New Feature: PicLens

Posted by heymoe on 14th February 2008

Recently I came across a new web browser plug-in called PicLens which provides a full-screen, 3D image viewing experience on the Internet. It is supported by a number of Photo, Social Networking and Image Search sites such as Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Smugmug, FaceBook, MySpace and Google Images just to name a few. Of course I did not want to be left out so after digging around and modifying some code I came across on a Gallery2 forum, I was able to add PicLens support to my Photo Gallery.

To enjoy the full 3D PicLens experience you’ll need to install the browser plug-in which currently supports Firefox, IE and Safari (Note: The Safari plug-in currently does not support the 3D Wall feature). For those of you that don’t run a supported browser or refuse to install the plug-in, you can still enjoy most of the PicLens features via a flash based viewer called PicLens Lite.


All you need to do is click on this icon PicLens Button while viewing the different photo albums in my gallery or a link in a blog post, like the picture of the float plane on the left, to launch the PicLens plug-in or the PicLens Lite viewer. If you have the plug-in installed you can also use the play button icon that appears when you hover over the thumbnail images in the gallery. You’ll also need to allow javascript else the icons or the links won’t activate PicLens. As a note, you can only view images in a single album and if the album does not contain any photos, you will not see any images even though the icon is still displayed. If an album contains sub-albums, you’ll only see the photos in the album you selected and not the sub-albums. I’m still reading on on the Gallery2 API so hopefully I’ll be able to figure out a way to only show the icon if the album contains photos.


The above video shows you what the PicLens plug-in does for your image viewing experience. Go to the PicLens web site to download and install the plug-in. Do it NOW! 😛

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Frozen: Flash Mob

Posted by heymoe on 5th February 2008


A group of 200+ people from Improve Everywhere formed a flash mob and descended upon Grand Central Station and all froze at the same time. 5 minutes later they all unfroze at the same time and continued on with their business as if nothing happened. The video is very impressive to watch and neat to see how other people reacted to what was going on around them in the station.

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Site Upgrade: WordPress v2.3.3

Posted by heymoe on 5th February 2008

It looks like there is a security issue in WordPress v2.3.2 that could allow unauthorized updates of posts. Well, we can’t have that now can we. CG is now running WordPress v2.3.3. Woot!

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Toilet Dreams

Posted by heymoe on 30th December 2007

Funny, yesterday I replaced the fill value in one of my toilets since the old one was not cutting off all the way causing the water in the tank to keep filling and going down the over flow. It was a slow leak so it went unnoticed for awhile and replacing the fill value was a pretty simple and cheap DIY job. Any ways, last night I had a dream that I was fixing a toilet but unsuccessfully this time and I had a pretty good river running down the stairs. Funny how the mind works.

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Site Upgrade: WordPress v2.3.2

Posted by heymoe on 29th December 2007

CG is now running WordPress v2.3.2.

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