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No More Lights

Posted by heymoe on 13th January 2008

It looks like all of my neighbors and I decided to take down our Christmas lights today. Next year I’ll have to figure out a better way to light up the tree so when it’s time to take the lights down it’s not an exercise in solving a string puzzle. Maybe I’ll try a simple computer controlled display next year. Keyword being simple.

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Christmas Lights

Posted by heymoe on 8th December 2007

Christmas Lights 2007-1985
Christmas Lights 2007-1987
Christmas Lights 2007-1992

I spent this afternoon wiring up my big tree in the front yard with lights for the holidays. Last year I only had a few lights up but after Christmas I bought up a lot of L.E.D. lights at 50+% off so I could use them next year. I would love to do a light display like the video below but I’ll have to work up to that I think. Taking pictures of the lights reminded me that I also need to get a tri-pod which would provide a stable platform for long exposures.
If you don’t know already, light displays like this video are created by using a computer that runs software which talk to power controllers that turn the lights on and off synchronized to music. The music is broadcasted from a radio transmitter in or around the house so people can tune their car radios to that channel to hear the music.

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