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Artsplosure 2008

Posted by heymoe on 21st May 2008

Artsplosure 2008-3704

Last Saturday I made a trip downtown for Artsplosure 2008 which is an annual arts festival that features a wide variety of arts, crafts, music, food and activities for grownups and kids alike. The weather on Saturday was absolutely brilliant with clear skies and temperatures that did not make me wish I wore shorts.

Artsplosure 2008-3797

This year marked the festival’s 29th year and to me the festival was very organized and planned out. There were two stages for the live music so while one band was playing on one stage the other was being prepared for the next band so that there was very little dead air between the bands. The different arts and crafts were more or less grouped together so if you wanted to see stuff related to pottery, you did not have to wonder around the whole venue.

Artsplosure 2008-3658

There were a lot of activities for the kids to take part in including face / hair painting, bubbles, butterflies, large chessboard, etc. There was a large caterpillar structure that the kids could crawl under and every so often when there were enough kids inside the caterpillar they would all lift it up and move it around the park with their legs representing the many legs of a caterpillar. It was very creative and neat to watch.

The typical fair style food vendors were there to feed and hydrate the masses. I could not pass up buying some honey coated cinnamon almonds and walnuts. Those things are just ohhhhh so good. As a bonus I also got a “free” bottle of water with the nuts which was nice.

Over all I had a really great time and will plan on going again next year.

More Photos Here (PicLens PicLens Button)

Artsplosure 2008-3607
Artsplosure 2008-3646
Artsplosure 2008-3767

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Final Countdown, Cello Style

Posted by heymoe on 8th March 2008

I came across this video in one of the forums I read. I don’t know about you but I really like this version of “The Final Countdown” by Europe.


If you don’t remember or want a refresher on what the original Europe version sounds like, here is a video of a live performance of “The Final Countdown“.



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