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Super Bowl XLII

Posted by heymoe on 4th February 2008

I’m not a football expert and I mainly watch the Super Bowl for the commercials but it would seem to me that the inability of the Patriots’ defense to fend of the blitz plays by the Giants prevented the Patriots from winning and going 19-0. Or at least it played a big part of them loosing. Oh well.

For the most part, I was disappointed with the commercials this year. Here is the list of the ones I did enjoy and why or just view them all here or here:

Audi – Godfather: 1st Quarter
I liked this one not only for the Godfather spoof but also because I own an Audi and the R8 is just so HOT! gimmie!

Diet Pepsi – What Is Love: 1st Quarter
I mainly liked how this one started by looking like it was part of the game and ending with the “Stop It!”

Bridgestone – Squirrel: 1st Quarter
It was cute to see how the different animals screamed and for spoofing the Bud Light commercials of years past.

Doritos – Mouse Trap: 2nd Quarter
The way this one ended was unexpected in a good way and just made me laugh

Pepsi – Justin Timberlake: 2nd Quarter
A mailbox post to the crotch is a sure fire way to get a laugh.

Coca-Cola – Balloons: 3rd Quarter
Stewie vs. Underdog, what’s not to like.

Vitamin Water – Horse Race: 3rd Quarter
Just seeing Shaq as a jockey was enough to make me laugh.

Bridgestone – Headlights: 3rd Quarter
At first I thought it was going to be the typical car headlight commercial but then they threw in Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons for laughs.

Well I guess overall this Super Bowl was nothing special for me. I’m sure I could have spent 3+ hours doing something else maybe even something productive. I did enjoy the episode of House that aired after the game.

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