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Have you or have you not heard?

Posted by heymoe on 6th October 2008

Well Have You?

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There’s a Cat at the Door

Posted by heymoe on 26th April 2008

Here is another video in continuation of my previous post: Cat Wake up Call. So without further ado I present: Simon’s Cat in “Let Me In”


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Final Countdown, Cello Style

Posted by heymoe on 8th March 2008

I came across this video in one of the forums I read. I don’t know about you but I really like this version of “The Final Countdown” by Europe.


If you don’t remember or want a refresher on what the original Europe version sounds like, here is a video of a live performance of “The Final Countdown“.



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New Feature: PicLens

Posted by heymoe on 14th February 2008

Recently I came across a new web browser plug-in called PicLens which provides a full-screen, 3D image viewing experience on the Internet. It is supported by a number of Photo, Social Networking and Image Search sites such as Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Smugmug, FaceBook, MySpace and Google Images just to name a few. Of course I did not want to be left out so after digging around and modifying some code I came across on a Gallery2 forum, I was able to add PicLens support to my Photo Gallery.

To enjoy the full 3D PicLens experience you’ll need to install the browser plug-in which currently supports Firefox, IE and Safari (Note: The Safari plug-in currently does not support the 3D Wall feature). For those of you that don’t run a supported browser or refuse to install the plug-in, you can still enjoy most of the PicLens features via a flash based viewer called PicLens Lite.


All you need to do is click on this icon PicLens Button while viewing the different photo albums in my gallery or a link in a blog post, like the picture of the float plane on the left, to launch the PicLens plug-in or the PicLens Lite viewer. If you have the plug-in installed you can also use the play button icon that appears when you hover over the thumbnail images in the gallery. You’ll also need to allow javascript else the icons or the links won’t activate PicLens. As a note, you can only view images in a single album and if the album does not contain any photos, you will not see any images even though the icon is still displayed. If an album contains sub-albums, you’ll only see the photos in the album you selected and not the sub-albums. I’m still reading on on the Gallery2 API so hopefully I’ll be able to figure out a way to only show the icon if the album contains photos.


The above video shows you what the PicLens plug-in does for your image viewing experience. Go to the PicLens web site to download and install the plug-in. Do it NOW! 😛

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Frozen: Flash Mob

Posted by heymoe on 5th February 2008


A group of 200+ people from Improve Everywhere formed a flash mob and descended upon Grand Central Station and all froze at the same time. 5 minutes later they all unfroze at the same time and continued on with their business as if nothing happened. The video is very impressive to watch and neat to see how other people reacted to what was going on around them in the station.

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Future of the Wii

Posted by heymoe on 23rd January 2008

My co-worker, Jason, sent me this link to Johnny Chung Lee’s Wii Projects web page where he has come up with some other uses for the Wiimote. The below video shows how to use the Wiimote to track head movement which is really cool. I don’t see any reason why Nintendo or any other video game developer could not create a game for the Wii using this type of interface. It would really bring the game experience to a whole new level I think.


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Downfall of HD-DVD?

Posted by heymoe on 16th January 2008

I’m a supporter of HD-DVD myself and even though it isn’t looking good right now for HD-DVD, I’m still hopeful. Here is a funny video that explains the current status of the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray format war.


Any ways, my main problem with Blu-Ray is that Sony is greedy and instead of supporting a unified standard they rolled their own proprietary “standard” so they can collect royalties. The other thing that bugs me about Blu-Ray is that they released an inferior product compared to HD-DVD and then started to play the catch up game. So the first Blu-Ray players supported Blu-Ray profile v1.0 which then got upgraded to v1.1 to add interactive bonus features but you can’t upgrade the v1.0 players to v1.1 (unless you have a PS3). Now they are coming out with profile v2.0 which adds network content support but if you have a v1.0 or a v1.1 player (except for the PS3) you can’t upgrade to v2.0. Now the funny thing is that all these “new” features that Blu-Ray is adding via profile v1.1 and v2.0 were part of the HD-DVD standard when it was first released. So Sony is pretty much screwing over all their early adopters who won’t be able to utilize Blu-Ray to the fullest unless they buy a newer player. Granted, if the only thing you want to do is watch the movie and could care less about the bonus content, it does not matter what profile version your player supports. They even go as far as saying:

The guys that bought the first Blu-ray players are the guys who bought the first laser discs. They know the risks.

Talk about a slap to the face. I was a first generation DVD player buyer and up until it died several years later, it never had a problem playing a DVD movie or accessing any special features of a DVD movie. The DVD standard did not change after it was finalized thus a first generation player can play the latest movies and all the bonus features without a problem. Yes it is true that newer generation of DVD players added addition features like mp3 playback, CD-R/RW & DVD-R/RW support, etc.. but those features have nothing to do with the actual DVD standard, they were convenience / bonus add-ons to make the player more enticing to the buyers. What is the use of a standard if you keep changing it.

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Movies: Machine Girl

Posted by heymoe on 11th December 2007

Here is a trailer for a new film by Noboru Iguchi called Machine Girl. I know this type of film is not for everyone but come on, you can’t beat the effects. It looks like Ash now has a girl friend to team up with to get revenge / fight evil with.


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Cat Wake Up Call

Posted by heymoe on 10th December 2007

Justin shared the below video with me today so now it’s my turn to share it with you. For all you cat owners out there, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is so true. Well maybe except for the last part. Enjoy!


Simon’s Cat in ‘Cat-Man-Do’

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Christmas Lights

Posted by heymoe on 8th December 2007

Christmas Lights 2007-1985
Christmas Lights 2007-1987
Christmas Lights 2007-1992

I spent this afternoon wiring up my big tree in the front yard with lights for the holidays. Last year I only had a few lights up but after Christmas I bought up a lot of L.E.D. lights at 50+% off so I could use them next year. I would love to do a light display like the video below but I’ll have to work up to that I think. Taking pictures of the lights reminded me that I also need to get a tri-pod which would provide a stable platform for long exposures.
If you don’t know already, light displays like this video are created by using a computer that runs software which talk to power controllers that turn the lights on and off synchronized to music. The music is broadcasted from a radio transmitter in or around the house so people can tune their car radios to that channel to hear the music.

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